The website is broken down into four sections as seen below; each one is complete with all the pertinent material on that specific item including official appraisals, background material, media/newspaper articles and a comment/question section.

Even put under a microscope, the detail and accuracy attained by these pieces is second to none and can never again be duplicated. Minted in strictly limited numbers, their scarcity and low mintages is backed by official Royal Canadian Mint records assuring that you will be the proud owner of a truly rare Elvis collectible that has withstood the test of time and will continue to appreciate in value.

This website is dedicated to bringing you a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a truly rare Elvis collectible that has already appreciated tremendously in value from its original issue price.

Each collectible is between 15 and 25 years old, is struck in pure silver or gold and has attained an incredibly rich history. Unlike today's "collectibles" that are touted as rarities from the day they are produced, the notoriety of these items has evolved overtime and has been featured prominently in worldwide television newscasts and newspaper articles.

Some examples of this coverage are included in this website and can be viewed by simply clicking on the Television/newspaper Article link above. Also, there is a wealth of other information available for you're examination including pamphlets from the products original release dates and official reference material from the Royal Canadian Mint.

A truly rare Elvis collection.

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